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Weigh your vegetables before slicing and dicing. Have them ready before you turn up the heat!

Weigh your vegetables before slicing and dicing. Have them ready before you turn up the heat!

Simplistic and balanced, the Unvirtuous Vegetarian recipe collection spotlights vegetarian one-dish meals with easy to find ingredients for diversely seasoned and nutritious meals day after day. Ingredients are easily swapped for whatever you have in the fridge, especially if you're using a kitchen scale... Mix & match your veggies; use up bits of whatever you have on-hand. Just weigh and get ready to cook!

Common deviations are included for most recipes so you can readily customize the ingredients to better suit your tastes and your pantry. The Unvirtuous Vegetarian recipe collection is all about you! Forge your own repertoire using ingredients you often have on-hand.

Look beyond dinner and check out "Tidbits: Salty & Sweet".  These nutritious bites are perfect for snacking and parties... A remedy for snack attacks and your sweet tooth.

Finally, don't forget to browse Tips & Tools. The Unvirtuous Vegetarian highlights tips, tools, and appliances she personally employs to streamline day-to-day cooking. 

the Unvirtuous Vegetarian

As a small business owner, the Unvirtuous Vegetarian has spent over 2 decades creating a repertoire of nutritious meals that were simple enough to prepare after a full work day yet interesting enough to please her ever growing palate. Her love of creating edible art started as a child when her dad taught her to make pancakes, and she helped her mom and Gran with baking cookies and cakes. Soon, UV ventured out on her own and spent many a lazy Saturday searching for potential creations in her mom's Betty Crocker cookbooks. Then, as a teenage vegetarian, her family's lack of experience with vegetarian cuisine forced her to take matters into her own hands. Being gifted with vegetarian reference materials, such as "The Moosewood Cookbook" and "Vegetarian Times" magazine, UV experimented at home and in college. She began to master the vegetarian options of the Italian and American food she grew up on. After college UV moved to Pittsburgh where the tastes of Asia and the Middle East intensified her passion for the art of cuisine. Her lust for these flavors launched a quest to create these sensations at home.

The Unvirtuous Vegetarian is not a chef; her priority is creating everyday low calorie and nutritious meals. She has a bachelor's degree in speech and communications. After her commercial production internship with KDKA-TV Pittsburgh, UV worked as a sales assistant for a promotional products firm. After 4 years of employment, UV purchased the firm when the owner pursued other endeavors.

The Unvirtuous Vegetarian lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her boyfriend and 2 dogs and grew up in the neighboring city of Uniontown.